Buying books online in Ireland

With the prevalence of Amazon, it’s very easy to forget that there are other online book sellers out there.  Every time I go to buy a book I automatically check Amazon.  Sometimes, after getting a price from there, I think I should probably go and check out some of the Irish book selling sites.  And then I spend ages trying to remember them with varying degrees of success.  Quite often though, I entirely forget to check.

Here’s a list of some of the more useful Irish booksellers with an online ordering facility.

  • Kennys – located in Galway, but some of their stock is fulfilled from other countries.  There’s free delivery for orders to Ireland.
  • Dubray – Irish owned (as far as I know) chain of shops in the general Dublin area.  I’m not sure about the price of postage, but they have a few shops near by.
  • Easons – A larger Irish owned chain of shops across the country.

Quite a number of book shops have a website, but don’t have an online ordering facility.  I emailed a couple of them last week to see what their responses were like.  Most of them didn’t have the book in stock but said they could order it in from the UK.  The prices quoted ranged quite a bit, but in fact it was cheapest at the first site I checked –

Here’s a list of the book shops that responded to my email query in the order in which they replied to me.  They all replied courteously and gave the details I requested – whether it was in stock or not and what the price is or would be if ordered.  I won’t give the prices per shop as that’s really only going to be relevant to the particular book I was looking for.  You should contact them and get the price for whatever book you are interested in.

If you know of any other book shops that I could contact or add to the list please add a comment below.