At last something back from the bank

Ever since the banking system in Ireland and around much of the rest of the world went boom back around 2007 the message coming out from the system was that retail customers (the millions of ordinary people like you and me) weren’t of value to the banks because the cost of processing our transactions was greater than the value to the bank of having our money on deposit.

Unlike in some other countries there was very little in terms of loyalty schemes operated by the banks here.  There used to be Amex Blue, operated by Bank Of Ireland as far as I remember, and this paid 1% back on all transactions.  This scheme was closed down a good few years ago though so I couldn’t even get the 1% on those purchases any more.

The only other similar scheme that I know of is the AIB Platinum Visa card which gives 0.5% back.  It’s only half of the old Amex rate but at least the Visa card is more widely accepted here than Amex was.

Some time ago I moved almost all of my business from Bank of Ireland to AIB, based pretty much entirely on the good customer service I received while applying for the Platinum card as well as the cumulative effect of the poor service I received from Bank of Ireland over the years.

Recently I got a letter in the post from AIB telling me that they were going to waive my current account fees for one reason or another.  I have to say that this cheered me up no end.  At last, something good from the bank.

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