I’ve been spending some time recently going through boxes of ‘treasure’ which have been stashed away in the attic for many years.  The boxes contain real treasure like our wedding plans from a long time ago, early drawings by the children, letters we received from friends and each other over the years, and so on.  Originally the boxes were generally organised, but over time the structure kind of fell apart and what had started as a collection of treasure ended up being mixed in with definite non-treasure like 1995 Howard Johnson brochures, 1999 Hertz rental agreements, and other junk.

At the back of my mind all these years has been the knowledge that there was a lot of rubbish up there which really needed to be thrown out.  It could be argued that this isn’t strictly true as the only real downside was that it took up space in a box on the floor, but in reality it also hid a lot of actual good stuff from view and ultimately the point about having a treasure box is to keep important stuff safe.  It had been bugging me (just a bit) for a long time and I’m finding the process of getting rid of the chaff to be beneficial.

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